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If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring West Coast R/C Raceway please contact us here. We offer fair prices for all.

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Our offroad track is 6900 sqft and is 100% clay. Early reports by those who have run on it have said that the traction on the track is incredible and consistent with very little tire wear. The current layout combines high speed - high flying sections with tight and technical sections providing something everyone can enjoy.

Our onroad asphalt track is 7500 sqft and includes asphalt curbing which provides for closer tighter racing and lowers the impact on the cars if there is a mishap. The smiles on the faces of the drivers as they go barreling into the corner at the end of the straight describes the amount of traction that is available. "Insane" has been used many times by drivers coming off the driver's stand to describe the traction. Most racers are not even using any type of "traction sauce".

15905 Canary Ave. La Mirada, Ca. 90638