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If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring West Coast R/C Raceway please contact us here. We offer fair prices for all.

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We currently have a thread at RCTech.net. See it here.

1/8th Scale Rules:

Skill Levels:

1/8th Scale is reserved for Sportsman and Expert drivers because of the driving skill necessary to control them.


Your control of the1/8th scale has gotten better but you are getting around the track consistently with very few crashes.


This is the next step up from Sportsman. Once you have rached this level you can run an entire race with little to no mistakes. Most people in this skill level are sponsored in some way. This class is for the "wheelers" of the track.

Motor, Battery and Tire Limits by Class

ModifiedNo LimitNo Limit1/8th Scale Tire

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