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Offroad Results

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If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring West Coast R/C Raceway please contact us here. We offer fair prices for all.

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best trading platform Pakistan The Reedy Race Layout is Finished and it's a lot of fun. Really great flow with a huge triple. There are so many fun little sections like the option moguls section.

You guys are really going to enjoy it.

Here are the Reedy Race Shirt that will be available Thursday.

Pricing not available yet.

Below is the track schedule for January 23rd - 29th

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: at 3pm until 10pm for open practice
Wednesday: Open Practice from 1pm - 9pm
Thursday: Doors Open at 7:30 Reedy Practice from 9am - TBD
Friday - Doors Open at 7:30am - TBD
Saturday - Doors Open at 7:30am - TBD
Sunday - Doors Open at 7:30am - TBD

Once again West Coast has been given the honor of hosting the Reedy Race of Champions. Click here for details.

See you all soon.

online trading We open at 1:00PM Monday - Friday, and 10AM on weekends.

Click to see our full Onroad Schedule or Offroad Schedule

Racing will be $15 for the first class with rewards card and $10 for each class after that, per person, and practice will be $10 per person with rewards card. If you pay for racing your practice is included  so come on down and have a nice and ejoyable day of practicing, racing and hanging out with old friends or meeting new ones.

Description of our tracks

Our offroad track is 6900 sqft and is 100% clay. Early reports by those who have run on it have said that the traction on the track is incredible and consistent with very little tire wear. The current layout combines high speed - high flying sections with tight and technical sections providing something everyone can enjoy.

Our onroad asphalt track is 7500 sqft and includes asphalt curbing which provides for closer tighter racing and lowers the impact on the cars if there is a mishap. The smiles on the faces of the drivers as they go barreling into the corner at the end of the straight describes the amount of traction that is available. "Insane" has been used many times by drivers coming off the driver's stand to describe the traction. Most racers are not even using any type of "traction sauce".

Our Hobby Garage

trading platform online The hobby garage is located on the premises and is going to be stocked with nearly all of the parts anyone would want/need, assuming they are not on backorder from the manufacturer. If you have any questions on parts or assembly our knowledgable staff will be able to assist you with whatever you may need. We will also offer troubleshooting/repair service on vehicles, batteries, electronics, etc. to try to help you get back on the track fast. If you need something fixed and don't know how to do it or don't have time to do it bring it to us and we will give you an estimate on time and repair costs. We will get the repairs taken care ASAP but hope to have a no more than 4 hour turnaround policy, for the big jobs of course! If you would like to schedule to have one of our educated and talented staff members instruct you on how you can repair your car please contact us at the hobby garage.

15905 Canary Ave. La Mirada, Ca. 90638